With an ever increasing number of slums emerging almost daily across the metros in the country, it was imperative that the Government takes prudent steps to check this occurrence. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the dwellers in slums, that have become a significant part of our city, lead a low profile, unhygienic lifestyle. Their poor standard of living has led them to be shunned by mainstream society.

Keeping this in mind, the Government of Maharashtra has brought an amendment to the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 56 and introduced a nodal agency Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA). SRA brought forth a Slum Rehabilitation Programme that analyzes and reviews existing positions of slum areas in the city. The SRA then devises plans for rehabilitation of these identified slum areas and ensures that the slum rehabilitation scheme planned is executed to the best of SRA abilities.

Mayfair Builders and Developers, keeping abreast these developments, is contributing to the best of their ability by helping in the Slum Rehabilitation Programme. Mayfair Builders & Developers is registered as a developer with the Slum Rehabilitation Authority of Pune – Pimpri Chinchwad area in category ‘A’ and is eligible to apply and execute slum rehabilitation schemes under SRA rules.

At Mayfair, we understand that through Slum Rehabilitation, we slowly but surely will enhance the standard of living for which an authorized dwelling is a first step in the right direction.

- To survey and review existing positions regarding slum areas in Pune – Pimpri Chinchwad areas.
- To formulate schemes for rehabilitations of slum areas.
- To get the slum rehabilitation schemes implemented.
- To do all other acts and things as may be necessary for achieving the objective of rehabilitation of slums.

There is bound to be a favourable and positive effect to the Slum Rehabilitation. Some of them according to the different strata of society are given below:

- An increased number of low-income housing options emerge from SR.
- It allows for better roads, drainage, and other civic amenities
- The city gets an image makeover with the slums removed.

- It is a permanent and lifelong beneficial asset that is created in the long run.
- It leads to the slum dwellers’ Social upliftment and improved living conditions.
- This in turn leads to improved Quality of Life.

- Tax revenues
- Open land value for infringed areas

- Lowering the risk of real estate investments across Metros in India.

Through the Slum Rehabilitation, we at Mayfair strive to contribute and give back to the society that we live in.