A country rich in minerals, metals and metal ores, India places itself among the elite few on the global mining map. Discovering this treasure and exploring it in an environmentally friendly manner gives Mayfair an edge over its contemporaries.

With mining companies revising their approach to address energy costs and government bodies requiring a quota of renewable sources from energy generators, we at Mayfair have put our best foot forward for this venture. Mayfair owns varied exploration and mining licenses for minerals in Southern India, covering a large area in various stages of development, several of which are highly prospective with significant economic ore potential.

Understanding that energy utilization in mining and mineral processing is strongly dependant on the ore quality and ore composition, we have devoted our resources towards research and compilation of best sources of energy to help in our mining and processing of minerals.

But our primary concern is to drastically reduce any harmful lasting environmental consequences from our operations. Utilizing highly progressive environmental policies and standards, we have executed several programs whose main goal is to sustain the surrounding ecosystem.

We endeavor to preserve biodiversity and recuperate as much of the land as possible with programs specifically designed towards the conservation of renewable and non-renewable resources, improved waste management, and the management of chemical products..